👋 I'm a New Yorker via Los Angeles & Bogota, Colombia. I run Latin America for Silicon Valley Bank.

Broadly, I am interested in how technology and tech ecosystems can improve people’s lives. I have worked at the intersection of government, tech, and finance. I love national parks, writing travel guides, scenic hikes, trying new sports and binging online classes. My love language is operations. I grew up figure skating and am a certified yoga instructor. My favorite hike in recent memory is this ~18 mile hike to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite.

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My Work

I recently joined Silicon Valley Bank to lead our LATAM efforts. Most recently I ran innovation initiatives at the Partnership for New York City. There, we worked to address critical challenges in the New York metro region using tech solutions (for example, the Essential Connector app and the Live Subway Map).

Previous to that I helped build Declare, a community of 500+ women venture investors across New York, San Francisco, and London. The organization was later acquired by Luminary. I was trained at Citibank out of college, my team supported the CFO on strategic global initiatives. I have also worked in venture capital focused on Latin America.